After 11 Years On The Streets A Deaf Senior Dog Finds A New Home


This dog patrolled the streets of Los Angeles, California, alone until being rescued, and it appears that he had done so for virtually his entire life.

The small dog was roughly 11 years old at the time, and he had become too sick owing to his age, and all he needed was little assistance.

The senior dog took a snooze on the porch of a woman’s house one day, but he chose to stay there until he got the treatment he needed. The woman observed the dog was unwell and terrified, so she approached it to find out what was happening.

The woman saw that the dog, whose she had called Solovino, was still on the porch after many days and decided to aid him.

The woman phoned the Rocket Dog Rescue animal sanctuary, who agreed to look after Solovino and transport him to their San Francisco headquarters.

Although the rescue facility specialized in assisting homeless animals, the dog was first placed in a foster home to acclimate to its new circumstances.

Unfortunately, Solovino was adopted several times, but for some reason all those times they returned him to the shelter, without giving many explanations.

No one could understand why the sweet little dog couldn’t find a suitable home, until Carol Messina showed up to change his life.

Carol came across Solovino’s photo on the internet by chance and felt straight away that he was the dog for her, so she chose to adopt him.

Carol explained to The Dodo:

“I wanted to adore him as soon as I saw his face on the website.” Then I noticed his name was Solovino, and being a major Star Wars fan, I thought to myself, ‘Well, his name is Solo!’ He had a feeling it was fate. Then, when I met him and realized how sad he was, I knew he’d be with me for the rest of my life, no matter what.

He was depressed, introverted, and had little faith in others when he first saw Solo, but he felt he’d be safe with her.

Solovino arrived to his new home, and despite the fact that he should be delighted, he was afraid. It seemed that being on the streets for so long had taken its toll on him. He was also wary of people and untrustworthy, as though he felt Carol would abandon him as the previous adopters had.

Carol continued, ”

«He kept his tail between his legs for months when he came to live with me. He didn’t get along well with dogs, humans, or cats, and he trembled if someone tried to pet him.

Carol would soon uncover a revelation that would drastically alter Solo’s circumstances, since he was nearly deaf and his teeth troubled him much. Even the volunteers at the shelter were unaware of this, which helped to explain their peculiar demeanor.

Perhaps his anxiety or nervousness stemmed from his inability to hear people coming. Furthermore, his teeth were giving him a lot of discomfort, making it impossible for him to enjoy any activity or reveal his actual feelings.

So his new mother decided to take him to the clinic to have his teeth fixed, and Solo’s life changed forever after that.

The dog began to play and run about the home, and he even began to build lovely connections with other dogs. Carol purchased him a deaf harness to aid him with his hearing condition, so that others will notice and ask before stroking him.

She also switches the lights on and off in the house so Solo is aware of her presence and does not become alarmed.

Solovino has entirely transformed; in a short period of time, he has transformed into a happy, extroverted dog that is living life to the fullest.

Carol had this to say:

“People who live in the neighborhood often say it doesn’t look like the same dog anymore.” For months, he didn’t open his lips to gasp, but today he smiles, spins, and rushes outside a dozen times a day.

Despite his health issues, Solovino’s life has completely altered, and he is now looking forward to spending his golden years with his new mother.

The finest thing that could have occurred to Solovino after so many years on the streets was to find a forever home.

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