Lonely Husky finding their gate open ran to hug his best friend living in their neighborhood


It is proven more than million times, that the dogs are the most friendly creatures in the whole world. But the relationship between these two – Husky and a Labrador, is more than special.

They built a friendship without even seeing each other. They communicated with each other in distance.

Here is Messy, a yellow sweet lab, who lives in Thailand with his human called Oranit.

Just in the neighborhood, lives Audi, a sweet husky spends most of his time alone, as his human is working too long.

Being alone makes Audi concerned and depressed. It seems like Messy feels it and wants to help his friend every time when he sufferes from his loneliness.

He starts to bark so loud, as if he wants to say that he is not alone and he is always there with him. The smart dog is trying to support his best friend in distance. What a kind soul. Right?

And his efforts isn’t in vain, cause Audi starts to relax.

Once Audi’s human forgot to close the gate of the house, and husky couldn’t wait to see his friend Messy. He started to run out to visit his friend Messy.

They finally met each other and that moment was just precious.

Oranit took an awesome picture of these cuties. Later he shared that heart-touching moment and on social media.

And one of the most important parts of this story was that Audi didn’t forget about home and being very responsible quickly ran back cause didn’t wanted to leave for a very long time.

But he was so happy that he finally got the opportunity to his friend who never left him to feel alone.

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