Boston Henry felt the danger and saved the life of his owners’ 9-month-old daughter


This story is about a smart dog who save the life of his owner’s daughter.

It seemed like that the dog was just playing an there’s nothing strange in his behavior, but it became clear that this way he just wanted to attract attention and inform about the danger to the little kid.

He watches T V, plays with them and hugs his lovely owners, but one evening of December, he behaved very strange and uncommon, but they didn’t pay attention.

The daughter was ill and had a very bad cold, At that time she was sleeping in the room.

At first it wasn’t clear but the dog tried as much as he was able to wake her up.

He continually opened the door of her room and stood there. He was sent back again and again by his owners , but the dog came back when saw that his owners wasn’t there anymore.

After all his efforts, the noise that he made woke up the little girl and she started to cry.

Then the parents observed that that day she cried not as always .There was something very unusual.

It turned out, that herairways weren’t cleared. She couldn’t breathe properly and had already begun to turn blue.

Parents instantly took their daughter to the hospital, where doctors helped the little kid.

As they mention they couldn’t imagine what could happen to their daughter if there weren’t their dog and also added that they don’t deserve their dog as they ignored his signals for help.

They had already allowed him to sleep in their room with them and had given all the presents they had for the dog for Christmas.

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