A kitten and a pig that has been rescued have become best friends now.


There is no limitation between animals ,when it refers to a friendship.

A little cat with a name Marina and a pig named Laura met each other after being rescued.

They were both brought to the Interspecies equality sanctuary, Santiago.

Their friendship succeed from the first minute they met, and they have become indivisible best friends now.

The cat was brought to the shelter after being abandoned. At that time she was very ill and also she had a problem with her eyes.

Luckily, she met someone very kinf who took her to the shelter, where they knew, that she would not have lived if she had not been cured properly.

Laura’s life in the beginning were also hard a lot, cause her momma pig ‘worked’ on a farm, and the pig was for a horrific death, but luckily her life was saved from the meat business due to the activists of animal rights.

They took him to the shelter and little pig was very terrified.

Cat Marina and pig Laura were rescued almost at the same time.

When they saw each other the kitten gave him the comfort he needed. And after this they became indivisible friends.

Their friendship had been growing every day. Till now They spend their life playing and eating together.

These two partners amaze everone who sees them; they protect and look after each other There isn’t anything they don’t do together.

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