Two Stray Dogs Found Covered In Cactus Needles From Head To Toe


This is such a heartbreaking story. Two homeless dogs – Chihuahuas got covered in needles of cactus in front of a woman’s yard in Messa.

That’s even hard to imagine. They were such in an extreme and insufferable pain because of that.

Someone of the eyewitnesses called the firefighters to come immediately and help poor dogs, and when they arrived, they saw their heads and body covered in needles.

They were lying on the ground so helpless and no one could pass indifferently. That’s evident that their pain was insufferable as they were shaking uncontrollably and wasn’t able to move.

The firefighters were luckily were able to save their lives who were so afraid and wanted to escape.

They got more needles as they began rolling around. They were finally able to take the dogs off the cactus needles.

They took them to the veterinary clinic of Maricopia animal care and control center instantly. Thank God, they were able to free them from the needles after putting them under anesthesia.

After all the suffer they got , the dogs are now receiving some antibiotics at Maricopia animal care and control center.

They’ll be absolutely be ready for adoption once they are completely cured.

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