The dog found happiness in spite of everything that happened to him


You can’t believe but this dog had been shot 17 times. After shat tragedy she lost one ear and became totally blind.

But, in spite of the unpleasant surprises of fate, Maggie luckily got a home and caring owners.

She was born in Lebanon and was picked up by kind-hearted people. The poor dog was wandering in the street with a without one ear, blind and hungry.

Veterinarians counted 17 wounds in her shot from the gun.

Activists of local animal rights treated her as well as they could.

The dog was in need of professional help and caring ‘parents’. But Maggie turned out to be lucky .

One resident from London saw the ad and decided to give it to the animal welfare-charity.

Activists of the organization were avid to help poor Maggie.

Soon the dog was already in London․ She went through some operations and many medical treatments.

After that they started to search good owners for him and luckily It didn’t take long ․She was adopted by 25-year-old Casey Carlin .

Casey once said shat Maggie taught all the thing that kids taught in childhood but then forget. That others should be treated likewise you want to be treated. That you shouldn’t judge anyone by their appearance, and the most important that love always wins no matter what.

Help everyone in need and you will get the same․ Just believe․

Maggie lately passed an exam for a therapy dog. And now, she goes to the hospitals and nursing homes with her lovely owner,

She immediately lifts the mood of all patients. She suffered so much before and now deserves to get lots of love, care and attention from everyone she meets․

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