Poor dog gathered all his strength left to bark for help after being trapped in tar


A homeless and tired dog decided to lay down on freshly dumped tar cause he was looking for a warm place that he could stay.

Sadly, the dog didn’t know that he was going to be trapped but when he started to realize, he started to bark for help.

Luckily, there were workers not so far and heard the loud barks of the poor dog.He used all his strength asking for that. He hoped that someone would come and help him.

When they arrived and see the dog, they immediately called an animal rescuer named Joanna Godlewska.

The good side of it was that the brave animal managed to tear his face out of the tar, so he could bark and call for help.

The little dog’s fur was unhurriedly cut off by the rescuers by the help of police departments and the local fire.

After that they were able to take out his body. They took the dog to the veterinary clinic for some examination and also to be treated for exhaustion.

They separated more than hundred ticks from dog’s body.

They gave the dog a comfortable bed and meal after the remaining tar on his fur and paws removed by many baths.

Fortunately, after some time the dog started to feel better and was cured for small wounds on his head, as well.

The lovely dog, whose name is Farcik, is starting to walk unhurriedly and for some tome will stay with the rescuers until he is fully recovered.

Soon Hhe will be ready for adoption once he is totally cured. We hope that he will be healthy fully and find a forever home to take care of him.

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