Kittens sit at the window, hoping to find a warm place to call home for the two of them


Kittens are often quite close to each other. When they see the light and meet each other after leaving the womb, some of them become inseparable.

They are distinguished by their brotherhood, which many of us should strive to emulate.

And it’s all; adorable cat stories are all you need to start your day on the right foot. His story and photographs won our hearts.

It tells the story of a couple of friendly kittens who met at the Exploits Valley SPCA shelter in Canada. They are both anxiously waiting for someone to adopt them at the window of the aviary.

It’s easy to fall in love with their openness and kindness, but the fact is, they have yet to find a loving family with whom they can spend their lives. In fact, the only need for adoptions is that they are not shared.

Xeno and Ripley, two small and cute kittens, received refuge thanks to the TNR Boyd’s Cove project – a group of volunteers who discovered them in time.

They were probably at least a year old, but the most interesting thing about them, aside from joining them, is that they share a litter of eight feline cubs. Everyone is happy to grow up in an environment created especially for them.

Thanks to the rescue, the lovely mothers were able to reach a warm room with all amenities, including blankets and toys.

Everything that they did not have before was taken away from them, even love. But the most amazing thing was that this couple stayed together from the very beginning.

“They are inseparable sisters who even walk around with their tails tied,” said Sarah MacLeod, a volunteer and Exploits Valley SPCA in Canada.

The lovely feline family is doing fantastically well, but both mothers are well aware that raising such a huge litter is not an easy job.

It’s a team effort and babies need some weight gain.

As a result, the staff of the orphanage decided to leave them and their children in seclusion in this beautiful place so that they could develop normally.

Both women take turns breastfeeding their babies.

In addition, the kittens are so close to each other that it is impossible to tell which baby the mother belongs to, but Xeno and Ripley are fascinated.

They are zealous and passionate about all of their lovely double litters.

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