A sand-colored Shar Pei dog became adoptive mother for two Siberian tigers rejected by their own mother


Maternal instinct is one of the strongest things that exists, which is strongly shown mainly in our four-legged friends, dogs.

They are so kind and lovely mothers, not only for their own babies, but for all those babies who is in need of help.

This story shows how mamma dogs are able to look after of incapable creatures, giving them their endless love.

There is 1 main reason why the wild animals shouldn’t live in imprisonment. They lose their maternal instinct and because of it they dismiss their own babies. This is what happened to these cute new born tigers.

They couldnt remain alive, if there isn’t this lovable dog named Shar Pay.

These tigers were born in the Zoo, at Oktyaberskiy health center, Russia, who were put away by their own mother after their birth.

There is almost no chance that they will survive without their mother. But instead of that they found a caring ‘mother’ named Cleopatra, who saved their lives.

She has given birth to her own babies lately too and was willing to look after of two little tigers, as well.

The mother dog immediately started to feed them with her own babies .

Luckily the tigers got not only a kind adoptive mother, but a huge caring family.

Even they all slept side by side. They named one of them after Cleopatra- as Clyopa, and the second one Plyusha.

Tigers are not hostile and cause no danger to the caring mamma dog. And soon after when they grow up, they will absolutely return to the Zoo.

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