Woman couldn’t forget the cat she had rescued and drove hours to adopt her


This is a story about little kitten who was rescued and moved with her littermates to Shelter in Pensacola, Florida.

The kittens received appropriate cure before being carried to the animal center in Media, Pennsylvania for a better life.

Amy Cool is a volunteer from shelter of the Escambia , agreed to leave the litter of kittens while awaiting the move.

They were all pretty sweet and friendly, but the little kitty Candy Korn quickly established herself as a genuine love of her care.

He confidently stepped forward and a few minutes later was on Amy’s shoulders, following her through the house.

Candy had no doubt that nothing makes her happier than being close to her foster mother.

“She was one of a kind in terms of her love for me. We are a fantastic match because I want to have kittens all the time and hug them tightly”.

Amy was very grief-stricken when the kittens were carried to the Providence animal center, and it seemed to her that one part of her had been taken away.

Candy Korn and her siblings were taken to the foster home by volunteer Linnie Hermanson after arriving at the orphanage in early October.

Before the kittens were ready for adoption, they needed extra attention and encouragement to believe in themselves.

Candy was the smallest and the heaviest, and Linnaea quickly realized that she liked the interaction of people with food. Linnea explained that most of the time he took no notice of the food and followed me instead.

She would not be interested if she could get the attention of her caretaker instead.

After that, Linny left the room so that Candy could eat, but when she came back she saw Candy who was sitting at the door and waiting for her.

Linnea continued to tell that she was an attention seeker who preferred attention to food, and she clearly adored my dogs .

Amy, on the other side, missed Candy terribly and couldn’t stop thinking about the cute little cat who stole her heart.

Amy also told that she cried so much that her family and friends started to call Animal Center and people she knew there to let them know that we had various plans to get her back. for about 20 cats and kittens, but she was confident that Candy Corn was to be a member of her family.

Linnea explained that she also bit my ears and climbed onto my shoulder during her business video chats.

It’s easy to see why Amy chose to travel from Florida to Pennsylvania.

Candy was finally old enough for a neutering operation at the end of October and she was ready to find a home.

So Amy jumped into her car and drove to New Orleans in 3 hours, where she found a 4 hour drive to Philadelphia.

Amy said the following: “As soon as I hugged her, she began to purr uncontrollably and stayed next to me.”

The adoring kitten clung to its mistress with great strength, as if assuring her that she would never leave her.

Candy was overjoyed to be back. in her old house, where she immediately recognized her mother’s room and all her toys.

Candy Korn purred all the time and expressed her joy as she sat on Amy’s shoulder and showered her with hugs.

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