Terrified small puppy found frozen after being thrown into the street at a rainy night


This story speaks about a poor small pup, who was found wandering the streets during the rain. Unfortunately, he got passed by many people, who did not even try to help him.

It was obvious that the dog was completely hungry as he ate sand and rocks to survive. When the rescuers saw the dog, they could not just leave him, and directly took him to the clinic for a check-up!

The pup, who was extremely frozen and scared, was also healthy! The rescuers removed more than 15 ticks out of the dog, who was named Dymka.

By days, the dog started becoming better with the vet’s care. He also started wagging his tail and playing with his friends at the shelter.

He is now completely healthy and having a great life. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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