Sweet Pit Bull invited a pregnant stray cat into his house to give birth


Most of the time pitbulls are decided to have a bad reputation because they are known as aggressive.

But anyone who has owned a pitbull will prove that they are amazing and loyal pets.

This is Hades, a pitbull whose from Mexico with his kind owner Huan José Flores. Those who don’t know a lot about him assume that he is an aggressive dog.

But no matter what they say and think about him, he always proves how sweet and gentle he is .

One day, he saw a cat in the neighborhood. Even though he couldn’t get close to her, he every day left food for her.

After seeing that act of kindness, Hades decided to help the cat. Once, Flores was at home when he heard knocking at the door leading to Hades’ place.

When he opened the door, saw something that he couldn’t even imagine. It seemed like Hades couldn’t wait to show him something very important for him.

Flores left, and Hades happily revealed that he had invited a stray cat to stay in his doghouse.

As it turned out, the cat was pregnant and needed some help to have his babies. Hades even stayed next to the cat till the end.

He brought a blanket to the front of his house and settled outside the door. Thanks to Aida, the cat successfully gave birth to 2 lovely kittens.

The mother cat is happier than ever when she saw her kittens. Dog felt like a father. Flores carefully moved the new family to the main house so he and Hades could keep a close eye on them together.

Hades and the cat mom, who is now called Nicole, became friends.

When Nicole is not taking care of her kittens, they spend a lot of time together.

Juan shared he will find a careful and loving family for the kittens.

He also hopes that Hades’ sweet deeds will change the perception of his breed and inspire others to be kind to them.

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