Dog with growing tumor day by day surrendered to be euthanized, has the best life now


This story tells of a poor dog named Hattie, who was taken to a shelter for euthanasia, as she had a giant tumor on her side that was growing over and over, for over 2years.

But her veterinarian and her wholehearted lifeguards had a different meaning and wanted to try to cure her again giving her another chance.

She was described as “possibly the most unusual change that have ever happened”.

Doctor Curry from the clinic adopted the dog and said that the size of Hattie’s tumor was the biggest that he had seen in his whole life!!Poor dog was unbalanced as the tumor pressed on her.

Doctor Curry also said that Hattie used her tumor as a chair to lie on it! Fortunately, doctor Curry was succeed removing the fifteen-pound tumor in a very successful operation!

Now she looks so good that no one could imagine before! It is good that Hattie moved into a foster to get her cure fully.

And plus, her kind rescuers have found a home for her for life! What an amazing transformation!

They were going to put her to sleep, but her fate has got a different opportunity!

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