A 9 Year Old Kid Spends His Pocket Money To Feed Stray Dogs Before Raising Funds To Build An Animal Sanctuary


While the majority of people are uncaring when it comes to animals in need of assistance, others are willing to go above and beyond to assist those helpless creatures. But it’s nothing short of remarkable when it comes from a 9-year-old guy!

Most kids his age spend their pocket money on stuff like cookies or candy, but Ken Amante opted to put his toward a good cause: buying food for the poor stray dogs in his Philippines neighborhood.

Fortunately, the kid’s charity was discovered, and after his remarkable tale went viral, many people all around the world wanted to show their support for this little hero.

Massive contributions were gathered, and the 9-year-goal old’s of opening a sanctuary for all those unfortunate animals came true.

Ken is a polite and humble man, and no one knew about his activities at first. However, after witnessing his son nearly daily leaving the house with a backpack full of groceries, his father decided to follow him one day, only to have his heart broken by the sight he saw a few blocks away.

His kid was surrounded by a pack of stray dogs, all of which were wagging their tails and waiting for their human companion to feed them.

The pleased father snapped a snapshot of his baby and posted it on Reddit. And that’s where it all started! “For the past two weeks, my kid has been feeding stray dogs in the area,” the dad wrote. “I tagged along today.”

It wasn’t long before the touching tale went viral on the Internet, and Ken became known for his generosity. He received a lot of support from animal rights activists all across the world, and he even created a shelter – The Happy Animals Club – not long after.

“I’ve always liked animals, even as a child.” “I liked them when I was a kid,” the boy told HNGN. Even as a child, I had a soft spot for them.

My parents informed me that before I could even speak, I was sleeping with Hajime-kun, my father’s cat. When asked about the shelter he created, Ken stated that it had been his ambition since he was a small child.

“I want to save as many of those pets as I can from needless pain,” he told METRO.

Ken’s sanctuary has rescued and healed hundreds of animals since it first opened in 2014. They also give food for all of the neighborhood’s stray animals. What a hero this young man is.


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