Pitbull kisses each of her babies as they are taken to safety by rescuers


Rainbow, the pit bull, was left to fend for herself and eventually gave birth to her babies. From then on, he did everything he could to keep them safe from the streets.

Unfortunately, 48 hours after giving birth, a violent storm slammed California, putting the family in jeopardy.

Fortunately, members of the Hope For Paws rescue group learned of the family’s plight and chose to drive more than three hours to assist them.

It was almost dark when the rescue crew got on the site, making it impossible to find Rainbow and her pups.

Furthermore, there were several plants and foliage that obstruct her search, and she appeared to be well concealed to care for her children.

Hope For Paws creator Eldad Hagar said:

This is a really insane situation.

After a time, they were able to locate all of the pups huddled with their mother behind some shrubs in a type of cave. Rainbow was observed doing various movements to keep her puppies warm and protected from the rain by rescuers.

Residents in the region attempted to rescue Rainbow on multiple times, but she always ran away fast and opted to run. However, while in that perilous circumstance with her pups, she died before realizing that she needed assistance to give them with the safety they need.

Eldad snuck through the woods as quietly as he could until he reached the cave where Rainbow was hiding with her pups, hoping to free them.

The dog was anxious and had plenty of freedom to flee, yet she chose to confront her fears and hope for the sake of her puppies. Eldad decided to contact with the dog and fed her, petted her, and attempted to steal one of her puppies in order to earn her confidence.

Rainbow began to kiss the cub when Eldad scooped up the first youngster, as if she was trying to express that everything would be alright.

Eldad then pulled the cubs from their mother’s arms, and Rainbow kissed each one as she watched them being carried away.

Rainbow sat alone when a baby had gone missing and needed to be saved, as though she knew it was the time for her to be rescued.

Rainbow was found by Eldad, who carefully pushed her through the bushes before placing her close to her pups and carrying them to safety.

Thunder, Breezy, Misty, Raindrop, Flash, Bolt, Stormy, and Droplet were all healthy puppies owing to their mother’s exceptional care.

Rainbow and her children were placed in foster homes, where they grew up and learned what they needed to know in order to be adopted.

With the aid of The Small Red Dog, all of the little puppies eventually found a forever home, where they would be given the life they deserve.

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