Firefighters deal with mother dog to rescue her puppies from drain hole


They couldn’t rescue the 8 puppies from the drain opening without the assistance of the mommy dog.

Firefighters in Turkey had been assisted by utilizing a stray mama canine; whose pups grew to become stuck after falling in a drain canal in the city of Bodrum, Muğla.

The firefighters have actually been described regarding the scene through Erhan Erol, a neighborhood citizen.

Thankfully, the firefighters immediately come to the scene, and they handled to give up the supply of water of the drain canal.

However, the eight pups had been so some distance as they ought to no longer reach them. That’s when the mama got here conserving among her puppies!

Seeing that, the firefighters got here up with an amazing thinking through reducing the mana canine to allow her choose up the pups one by way of one.

Fortunately, it was once a stunning concept as all the puppies have been rescued via about an hour!

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