A hero dog saved the life of the missing dog of their family stuck in the thick mud for already 40 hours


Their sweet and lovely dog got lost and the whole family started to look for him. His name is Puppy.

The dog was lost for almost forty hours. The family had also another dog whose name is Tino. Thanks to this smart dog Puppy was luckily found.

The dog had been trained for 16 months as a search dog before this happened.

One day the family went for riding and the dog Puppy was going after them and he got lost on the way.

They waited for him but he did not return home .

It turned out that the Puppy was stuck in the mud. He was found by a dog.

If Tino didn’t search the dog and didn’t find him he would absolutely have died.

When the rescuers arrived they used ropes to get the puppy out of deep and thick mud.

Puppy was thrusted in the mud some miles away from their house.

As the mud was too cold the dogs legs did not work normally.

After some time the dog will be fully cured. He will have a strong health and enjoy his life to the fullest.

He has gone through so much stress and obstacles. He is a real fighter.

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