A dog refuses to leave his friend dog who was unfortunately was lying dead under the rain


The poor dog continues to cry, refusing to leave a friend that as he thought was in need of help.

He sat hopelessly next to his best friend. Dogs are considered loyal and close friends of man.

In this case, the dog is so devoted to his friend on the verge of death that couldn’t imagine living without him.

A scene with two puppies was noticed by a man walking along the road. This touching and heart-beaking story took place in China

A man named Mr. Xiong rescued one of the dogs. Unfortunately, one of the dogs died and lay on the ground in the rain.

Another dog refused to go with this man, to whom he was so devoted to his friend. The man covered the dog with an apron to keep the puppy from freezing.

It was very difficult to separate the dog from the dying friend. The man took the dog home with him, fed it properly and looked after it.

Later, the man uploaded videos and photos to social networks. He had a hope that someone would like to adopt that sweet puppy and would give lots of love and care to him.

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