Puppy thrown out at trash dump has best life now


Finding dogs at the land-fill happens every day for Takis Prestakis who is working as an animal rescuer.

But doe to his saving of one abandoned puppy at the trash dumb made him open ‘Takis shelter’.

Sometimes people throw out their dogs as a garbage at the trash dumb on Greece’s island located on Crete.

This is what happened when one day Takis met Samu. He almost mixed to his surroundings.

He was very lovely and had beautiful white fur. He let his dog Zoe out of the car and hoped that he would help and attract puppy.

Fortunately it worked out. After that the dog was safely in the car and Takis couldn’t help admiring the little dog.

Takis took back Samu to the shelter. The shelter had become home for more than 300dogs.

At first Samu was very timid, but soon he got used to the new place he appeared and begun to play with another dogs living there.

Hadn’t spent a lot of time when some of the visitors of shelter who adopted rescued dogs from there, liked him a lot and decided to take Samu with him to Finland.

Now Samu has two more bestfriends rescued from shelter too. He is very happy now for sure and his life absolutely couldn’t be better .

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