Old dog starts to cry when she sees her best friend returning from the army


Here we are going to tell about ‘unconditional love’, that human’s bestfriends give to them.

Today’s hero is Buddy who is Golden Retriever and almost 13years old.

She spent her life with her caring owner and best friend Hannah Foraker. After turning 21, she had to go to the army and went to some trainings in Oklahona.

Hannah was heartbroken too, because she left lots of his friends, including her horse named Derby and Buddy.

After 3 months she came back for a Christmas and just couldn’t wait to see her Golden Retriever.

Buddy is too old now and even is almost deaf, but didn’t stop him to give the warmest welcome to Hannah.

When she saw Hannah she put her head in Hannah’s hand and started to cry. That moment was so touching and heartwarming, no one could imagine such a reunion.

Dogs never forget their owners no matter how many years has passed.

They are our pure little friends and will always wait us no matter what. That must always remember that we should take a good care of our four-legged loves because there is nothing more loyal, than this soft-hearted creatures.

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