Mommy dog shields her newborn puppies after owner dumps them all on dirty road


The story we are going to tell is very touching. It’s about a dog and her newborn puppies who were thrown away on a dirty road in Texas, Anatcosa County, by someone very brutal.

It was very freezing outside and these little dogs couldn’t survive long without any shelter.

Fortunately, they were spotted promptly , and Animal control of Anatcosa County was called for aid.

Workers instantly came to rescue the little family and took them to the clinic for some treatment and care.

The mommy dog got some eye infection and they gave the necessary cure to her.

After that she and her puppies were taken to a shelter with warm coverings.

Puppy Pleasers, ACAC’s rescue partner, reacted very quickly helping the poor family out and promised to take care of them until they grew up to be weaned from their mom.

As the puppies are already old enough now they will definitely go to live with loving and caring families.

Also ACAC started an examination to find out who did that cruelty to these poor and innocent dogs.

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