Mama dog found chained in the cold forest and kept her newborn puppies alive while they waited for help


Unfortunately, Lara lived with heartless people too long.

While she was pregnant, her owner took her to a forest near Nafplion, Greece, and left her chained, where she was forced to give birth alone, without food, water or shelter.

Lara managed to survive and keep her puppies for ten days in cold weather before they were finally rescued.

The saddest thing is that the people living in the neighboring village knew about Lara, but did not help her and her puppies.

Lara was in terrible shape. She was also dehydrated, scared and shocked.

Unfortunately, one of her puppies did not survive, but three others recovered. Lara and her puppies were taken to the clinic, where they were treated for their illnesses.

Fortunately, they are all survived and are doing much better now.

They stay with their new mom, Linda, until they can find a home for life.

Linda has dedicated her life to saving dogs like her and takes very good care of them. She has raised about 300 dogs over the past five years.

Many of them came to her on the edge of death, and she successfully helped them to recover fully.

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