Dog rescued from a fighting ring carries his security blanket everywhere he goes now


Pit Bull Bubby was just a little puppy when he was used as dog bait in the dog fight ring.

By the time he was rescued, he was physically and emotionally traumatized. He was terrified because his emaciated body was punctured and infected all over the place, a putrid stench emanated from the wound, and he was extremely depressed.

These discouraging factors ultimately put him on the death toll. Bubby was saved from euthanasia at the last moment, but his troubles were far from over.

He spent the next two months locked in a garage like useless trash.

Finally, the woman found out about his plight and, without hesitation, adopted him.

Bubby was depressed sitting in his savior’s car, not knowing that his life would change forever.

Bubby was moved to receive love and care from his new mom for the first time. She gave him enough room to overcome shyness and fears at his own place.

During these months, he amazed everyone with his incredible physical and mental recovery.

He especially became attached to the woman who saved him, which ultimately manifested itself as acute separation anxiety (which is understandable given what he went through).

Owner Bubby decided to train him to give him a sense of security and stability when she was not around. It was during this drawer workout that Bubby learned his newfound sense of comfort in the blankets!

Every morning he came out of his drawer with his blanket and paced around the house, gleefully snorting and wagging his tail!

Bubby’s blanket became a protective shield for him, which assured him that everything was in order.

His injuries and nightmares gradually subsided, but his sacred “routine” remained largely intact.

Over time, he developed the same dedication to his pillows, toys, and pretty much anything that felt like a

home! Bubby received the best gift from his family when they adopted another rescue pit bull named Simon to keep him company.

They thought that Bubby would finally lose his obsession with the blanket, but that didn’t happen.

Since Simon deeply adored and condescended to Bubby, it was only a matter of time before he copied his brother’s veil of love without any inhibitions! Ouch! Pit bulls are so cute lovers!

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