A helpless dog is consoled by a cat who will never see his family


A cat consoled a little puppy who had seen a lot of desertions and helplessness but remained kind and ‘generous’. He knew about his friend’s suffering.

The story we are going to tell happened in South Korea ,at a place where dog had been abandoned by his owners.

They couldn’t take the dog with them that had been so loyal to them for a very long time. Sadly, the senior shelter didn’t accept pets and the couple hadn’t got any method to contact the owners of shelter.

So they decided to leave him, but his love and loyalty was so big to the old couple that he continued to stay in the building.

Now you will se how the story of the couple of these animals is going to continue.

Soon the little puppy met such a wonderful friend who took care of him and comforted as much as he could.

Neighbours were amazed by this inseperable couple and always gave them food. As the winter was close and the realized that the dog and cat couldn’t survive in cold without any help, they started to search a cozy home for them.

That’s how they found out the team of seasoned rescuers, who helped that kind of animals giving them ‘a second life’.

They used a strategy to finally catch them. They knew that the dog and cat would be adopted by someone who would take care of both of them, because that’s seemed impossible to seperate this two.

They deserve a family who will take care of them very carefully and with lots of love.

Despite the differences they have, they have become bestfriends, in this case better two say brothers.

They never left and helped each other despite all the difficulties they passed.

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