A 14-year-old cat clings to a grandmother’s arms to be inseparable till Its last breath


Meeting the right person can change life thoroughly, as happened to this cute grey cat we are going to tell.

This cat was rescued in May and sent to the Animal Care and Control center in Maryland, United States.

He was almost 15 yeas old and won the hearts each of the volunteers.

As had been said of his caretaker he loved being touched and meowed when he sensed your closeness.

He was so adorable and deserved lots of love, care and attention. She liked sunbathing near the window and despite his age LL Cool J., had a lot of love and energy to share.

But most of all, he liked being a part of company , who gave him love and care.

As we know the epidemic has had such a huge impact on people and they couldn’t even accept visits and hug each other.

LL Cool J(already Raven) may live with her because of the laws of her pat, as it gives a chance to have a well-mannered pet with a weight under 11 kilograms. It’s a really good decision for both people and old pets.

Raven got used to his new owner Granny very quickly. He cuddled her up and laid under her legs.

The grandma was very happy and thankful as he got an amazing friend to spend her days with. Till now they are inseparable and their friendship touches everyone who gets to know about them.

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