With steps of pain, dog approaches rescuers hoping to run away from his miserable life


When he heard rescuers voice getting closer, he knew that they would be able to provide help.

I still can’t understand why dogs’ owners leave their animals to defend themselves! Actually, they’re always friendly and don’t harm anyone.

This story speaks about Leonard, a poor dog whose owner threw him out like trash.

His poor legs were so severely inflamed,inflamed, which made it hard to steer for him, he was also affected by mange and covered in fleas when he was found by the rescuers.

They took him to the rescue center where they gave him a medicated bath and a correct meal.

Day after day, he began to improve but he still had an extended (thanks) to be completely healed.

When he realized that he found the important love and was safe, he began to trust humans again despite what happened with him in the past. His caregivers put him in small sweaters and coats to stay him warm.

Thankfully, he was finally adopted by a short woman who saw him at the shelter and directly fell crazy with him. He will never struggle again and he will have the love that he always deserves.

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