This is Zuu – the cat is so round that he can roll straight into your heart


Cats come in many shapes – some are highly athletic and some are adorably pudgy, but only the best and brightest will become a super star and go viral on social media.

For this reason, we would like to introduce to you a potential cat named Zuu, who is capturing our hearts by his round face and body.

He’s so round that he looks like a ball of fluff.

He’s a two-year-old exotic longhair cat – a unique breed characterized by their round, flat faces.

Although looks grumpy all the time, he is still lovably and sweet.

Some people think that he embodies the feeling when they hear their alarm clock start ringing.

The adorable Zuu lives with another cat named Bocco (a 3-year-old exotic shorthair cat), and both cats are male. The two felines look so chunky and disappointed with life that it’s nearly impossible not to smile.

However, they are sure to give you a laugh and make you want to cuddle them.

Bocco and Zuu’s owner regularly shares hilarious photos of their antics on Instagram, with a huge archive of 1,721 posts and counting.

Now, the two cats have become famous and have gained over 46.000 Instagram followers.

Scroll down to see the adorable photos of Zuu and Bocco! What you’re seeing below is not the work of some magic or Photoshop, this cat is actually perfectly round.

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