For the Ultimate Christmas Photo, Proud Owner Gathers His 17 Sausage Dogs


There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than an awkward family Christmas card, especially when festive jumpers are thrown into the mix.

Unless, of course, the ‘family’ is actually a pack of seventeen sausage dogs – in which case we’d be keeping the card on the mantelpiece all year round.

This was the case for the friends and family of 20-year-old Liam Beach, who decided to dress his dogs in their very own Christmas cardies in the run-up to the holiday season and pose his puppy possy for a photoshoot.

Liam is the lucky owner of Buster, Daisy, Ziggy, Wallie, Zac, Bonnie, Saffie, Duke, Diamond, Ruby, Kizzy, Sammy, Kansy, Kiki, Lottie, Benji and Dudley (phew), who were all on their best behaviour as they posed on his stairs.

“I took Christmas pictures of dogs dressed for Christmas on the couch earlier and I thought I should do them on top, so I thought of doing it on the scale this year,” he added.

“I felt it was a challenge, so I had to prove it to people who were wrong with dogs all dressed up for Christmas and I thought it would be humorous to see everyone dressed in their little clothes, she said.

However, it took him a few tries to get them all in the correct position before obtaining the ideal shot – after all, there are a lot of doggos to get in one area.

“It took around 45 minutes to get the image since the dogs believed it was time to go for a stroll when they were dressed in their uniforms and all went crazy racing around the house,” he explained.

“So, I had to calm them down before putting them on the stairs. Once they were on the stairs it took ten minutes to get the picture using a squeaky ball and a bag of treats this time around.

“It was a harder picture to get this year because they thought it was walkies. After a while on the stairs with their jumpers on they began to fall asleep so I had to work hard at keeping them awake and looking at the camera.”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall as Liam frantically tried to line up his sausage dogs. But he made it in the end, resulting in a solid candidate for the finest holiday shot of the year. His relatives and friends were ecstatic when they saw the dog photo.

“People are absolutely adoring the photo, commenting on how great it is, how envious they are of me, and how blessed I am to have so many,” Liam said.

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